Heaven D.E.N.T.

Recently D.H. Baker Dental Laboratory participated in the first inaugural Heaven D.E.N.T. (Delighting the Edentulous with New Teeth) program in Traverse City. This was a weekend of volunteers coming together to fill a need in our dental community. Dr. Dave Swan and laboratory founder, Doug Baker, organized over 50 dental health professionals who donated their time to help 20 patients in need of dental care. Rene Louchart spearheaded the program via the Traverse Health Clinic, and was instrumental in patient selection,transportation, and logistics of patient care.

How do you say thank you when somebody changes your life?

That was the comment from one of the patients that was among the recipients. Lots of hugs were exchanged, tears were shed and ear-to-ear grins were on the faces of each recipient. Ben, a patient who was treated by Traverse City dentist, Phil Yancho, was elated when Dr. Yancho placed his dentures in place. Technicians from Schumacher Dental Lab, Starcast Dental Lab, and Rushton Dental Lab all of Traverse City joined the D.H. Baker Team for the 24 hour removable marathon. Thirty-two appliances were fabricated in 24 hours. Technicians worked around the clock. Materials were so generously donated by Ivoclar Vivadent through the efforts of representative, Anthony (Tony) Houle, who also was present to assist during the weekend program.

Many thanks to everyone who participated and who helped give these patients back their smile!